Just getting things ready…


Welcome to the gallery! Here you will find my latest works available for sale. Each piece is available in a limited run of art prints.

Each artwork is of significant value to me and is a visually expressed statement. The art I create is devolved over weeks or months until the concept is fully expressed as a finished image.

Each section within the gallery offers a collection of artworks completed during a period in my life.

A series of pieces inspired by nature and women who embody a bold, free, and creative way of being.

The jungle theme of these pieces also references the work I was doing on myself during this time. I actively used mediative processes combined with shamanic medicines to revisit and heal past traumas that heavily impacted me.

A collection of pieces produced digitally in procreate with primarily watercolour brushes. These works of art were inspired by different phases in romantic relationships: the begging, middle & end.

This collection is more about falling in love with life than it is about a specific person.

Headaches & nightmares is a series of digital pieces produced in procreate using primarily watercolour and dry oil brushes.

Each piece in this series explores dark concepts and perspectives. The series is called headaches and nightmares because I always have very intense dreams. So anytime I feel sick, depressed, or scared, these emotions are translated into horrific nightmares when I sleep.

The nightmares would motivate me to stay up late drawing, as a way of avoiding sleep. I produced these pieces while staying up into the morning as I drew. I would draw to the point that I got intense headaches that forced me to lay down until I fell back to sleep, returning to my nightmares.

Divine intervention was the start of my exploration of digital artwork. It opened the door to a new way of combing brushes and layers that would be extremely time-consuming to produce on canvas. There’s no waiting for layers within the piece to dry, you can keep on developing things as much as like without having to take a break. This is why I love painting digitally.

The digital environment opens new ways of experimenting with textures and colours, and therefore I continue to complete most of my work digitally today. This series is called Divine Intervention as these pieces were produced at the start of the pandemic. The pandemic forced me to reflect on things I didn’t have the time to reflect on before.

Cognitive Dissonance is a series of fine liner drawings produced in black and white, that I scanned and coloured in with photoshop.

This series is called Cognitive Dissonance because I was living more than a double life at this time. I was a closeted gay man struggling with various issues, having to put on different faces for different people to get through each day. It was exhausting. I would drink heavily to numb the anxiety and pain that would arise. My only pleasure was isolating myself from people and drawing whenever I could.

A series of fine liner drawings that were produced with many jagged lines and patterns to reflect the chaos that was my life. When I produced these pieces, I was illustrating different scenes and traumas within my life that were consuming me.

I designed these scenes as a way of taking control of my life and my future. I had just come out the other side of a few hard and heavy situations that had forced me to awaken to the painful reality that was my life. Instead of opting out of being here, or continuing to fence sit, I chose to fully commit to life.

As intense as it sounds, I would tell myself I could always end my life tomorrow anytime the painful emotions felt too much to handle. Even as life got easier, I would again run into situations that made these dark thoughts resurface. I would remind myself again I could take my life tomorrow, so I better do what I can with today and fully commit to life today. Eventually, a day turned to weeks, then months, years, and look I’m still here, now living I life I could never of imagined for myself.

This series is called lost in time because there is nothing linear about the concepts expressed here. The images I have produced are interpretations of the past, merged with emotions felt in real-time, and glimpses of what the future could bring. Lost in time is a series of images, for the most part, that can never be seen the same by different people. The exact perspective and reality of what these images portray to me; is something I don’t think I could fully express without having other people living in my shoes. Likewise, the interpretations of people who have seen or purchased these artworks; are something magic, intense, and unique from my own perspective.

Night call is a series of pieces that were created out of my insomnia and habit of staying up late drawing and drinking. The series is a combination of fineliner drawings produced with predominately heavy line weight pens.

My mind is never quiet at night, whether it be because I am experiencing anxiety or just losing myself in creative thoughts and ideas; I can never just relax and do nothing at night. Therefore, I usually stay up late drawing.

A fun piece I have released in multiple colour combinations that can be styled for various spaces.

Island Hotel was produced out of fond memories of visiting my family in Fiji when my
parents lived there. The collection is a tribute to my love for beach clubs, island
resorts, and irresponsibly downing countless Pina Coladas before stand-up paddleboarding
around an island.