Liven up your space with this modern art print!

Printed with care on 100% cotton, acid-free and museum-grade 320GSM textured cotton paper. This art print will last 99+ years if cared for correctly. 


Burning. As a completely open and transparent person, I have no issues discussing and seeing the value in lessons learnt from living through painful circumstances. Much of my earlier pieces of artwork were not created out of joy; but more as a way of reflecting on, or coping with, a traumatic situation. I believe from a higher perspective; many of us have opted into challenging circumstances as a way of being forced to evolve or wake up quicker. We opt into contrast, experience what is unwanted in order to conceptualise of what is wanted, and create things in our life that feel good. I did this piece to honour the darkness in me and reflected on how some of the best things in my life were created from not so pleasant experiences. I think it’s important for everyone to truly look at the person within themselves that is magical enough to navigate and persevere through the human experience. 

Art Print Sizes

All art prints are made full-bleed, this means your print is the exact size you order, and has no white boarder. This is to allow for easy framing.

If you are going for a borderless look, simply purchase a frame that is the same size as the art print your purchase.

If you are looking for a print with a boarder, simply purchase a frame with a white boarder and an opening that is your print size. For example if you buy an A3 print, purchase a A2 frame with an A3 opening.