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Printed with care on 100% cotton, acid-free and museum-grade 320GSM textured cotton paper. This art print will last 99+ years if cared for correctly. 


Danger is an art piece I created to calm myself down.  I called this piece, Danger, because I have suffered with extreme anxiety for most of my life, and surprising; I find dangerous situations calming. For example, many people fear heights while I love heights! Looking down at an immense decline calms me. All my ongoing fears, issues and insecurities are suddenly melted away as I am forced to focus on the situation at hand. Everything suddenly becomes so clear to me. All of the issues and anxieties I have been facing dissipate, and I am struck with a sense of liberation.

Writing all of this down is genuinely hilarious to me. The reality is our brains were designed to release cortisol to deal with life threatening situations back in caveman times. Today, there is often no direct threat to our life in the present moment when these fight or flight responses are activated. Yet, something genuinely of concern brings us into a more present point of perspective and shuts up all the bullshit. I do have to laugh sometimes at the reality that the neurological aspect of what I am trying to express is something that exists within us to keep us safe, and yet in the modern world; it feels as if it’s truly fucking me over and ruining my life at times. 

I created this piece as a way of stepping into a fantasy scene that could take me away from my reality and the issues I was facing at the time. The scene of a calm, spiritual tiger overlooking the world visually creates an image of control and contentment, something I desperately desired at the time. In dangerous situations I am constantly reminded of my own mortality, and the reality that many of the anxieties that consume me are in truth, not even worth focusing any of my energy on. Every near death experience I have encountered has hit me in this way; a wake up call reminding me there really is no point to giving any of my energy to anything that isn’t serving me. Life is short, so why constantly force myself to do things my emotional guidance system is screaming no at?

I picked a tiger for this piece because I have always had an immense fondness of tigers. I have always perceived them as powerful mystic creatures,  while many people view them as dangerous and territorial beings. I always feel misunderstood by people, and feel tigers are often misunderstood as well. Perhaps this is one of the key reasons I adore them. They are seen as one thing, when the reality is far from how they are interpreted. 

Why do people fear a creature simply because it is in their nature to hunt other animals? Yet it’s okay for the billions of humans living on this planet  to eat on average 7,000 animals each in our lifetimes? Are we really that great? Are we really worth all the pain and suffering we are causing? Just to survive living in a world that isn’t even conducive to our own well-being. I for one am done coping with the world we live in. It’s time for us to create a world that is not only conducive to the well-being of humans, but all animals and plants that so rightly exist on this planet. I have learnt that the episodes of anxiety I face on an ongoing basis are an indication that my environment is energetically draining, or dangerous to me. I don’t see myself as having an anxiety disorder, I am simply a sensitive being incapable of putting up with the bullshit forced on me. It is my responsibility to change my environment in order to feel more calm and free, there is no point in copying or suppressing such strong emotions. 

When I look at the tiger I have illustrated; I am reminded of the liberation I have felt in certain life changing experiences. In these times my needs and desires have become so loud and clear. I am reminded of the calm forward moving nature of the tiger, I try to mirror the same state of being in my own life.

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