Drinking In The Moonlight | Art Print



High Alone 🪐 It’s party night on Proxima Centauri B. Lost in time Lana Del Rey sips on a cocktail at a luxury car convention. Tonight’s convention is featuring futuristic cars of the past. Unsure of what timeline she is in, Lana looks out to see a city that resembles the architecture she saw as a teenager. It resurfaces memories she has of staying up late and getting high while watching the Jetsons.

As Lana sits posing for cameras on a Lamborghini Marzal, she wonders if she is awake, or if this is all a neat dream. Either way, who really cares when everything is this dope? She decides if she’s not awake, she wants to keep dreaming. She is the creator of this landscape. She is an inventor of art and an inventor of her own reality.

“I’ll create what I want” she laughs to herself as she polishes off what is left of her cocktail. She waves goodbye to the crowd as she shuts the door to her flying car, and then disappears into the stars.

There is no division between dreams and reality for Lana. They coexist within the same dimension. Her dreams are a reflection of her reality. Her reality is a reflection of her dreams. A living work of art, forever growing, expanding space and time. An extension of the great divine.

Printed with care on 100% cotton, acid-free and museum grade 320GSM textured cotton paper.

Frame Sizes

All art prints are made full-bleed, this means your print is the exact size you order, and has no white boarder. This is to allow for easy framing.

If you are going for a borderless look, simply purchase a frame that is the same size as the art print your purchase.

If you are looking for a print with a boarder, simply purchase a frame with a white boarder and an opening that is your print size. For example if you buy an A3 print, purchase a A2 frame with an A3 opening. 


This product is made to order on the Gold Coast, and takes 1-2 weeks for the team to make and dispatch. Special care is taken when producing each museum grade print, so please be patient as your brand new art piece is prepared.

Printed with care on 100% cotton, acid-free and museum grade 320GSM textured cotton paper. This art print will last 99+ years if cared for correctly. 

All of my art prints are released in a limited run for a special few. This art print is available in a limited run of 60.