The Rarest Flower

The Rarest Flower

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Printed with care on 100% cotton, acid-free and museum-grade 320GSM textured cotton paper. This art print will last 99+ years if cared for correctly. 



A statement on environmentalism, spirituality, and feminism from the perspective of a gay man. Please note this artistic statement is not directed just at gay men. I created this statement primarily to share my perspective, being a gay man, with the rest of you.

The rarest flower is hidden in plain sight. It is a flower that knows what it needs to grow in a world stained in darkness. This flower has learned to endure harsh climates and survive in a garden with very little nourishment. The rarest flower observes with caution, as the people go about, doing their own way of “growing” in a garden that is dying.

Don’t get in the way of the people. They’re busy, they’re overcompensating their hurt with rage. They feel sadness, they cause pain. Their hurting too much to care that the others are also in pain.  They think they’ll win, so sad, so ugly, so disappointing. Don’t they see how they’re growing? Less beautiful, more ugly.

They’re scared you’ll take something from them, so they’ll try to take what they can from you. They’ll pull you out, step on you, but what can you do? They have ruined the garden, they forgot was theirs. How ignorant? How scared?

Back to the beginning you’ll go, try again little one. In a word with less and less light, you might just find a way to be safe and to grow. A way to let them all know.  Their existence is madness, how they wish to not know.

They’re scared you won’t hear them, so they’ll yell, and they’ll shout, but they won’t listen to a single word that comes out. Get out of their way. It will be them who decide. To walk ahead blind, or to open their hearts and their minds, and suddenly see, a whole new world, not yet seen with their eyes.

They’ll ruin the garden until it stops growing. Till they shrivel and die. Goodbye breathable air. Farewell drinkable water. All that will be left is the sound of lungs collapsing, and skin melting.

Humans have truly forgotten; how fragile and organic they are. They won’t stop until they stop. Until it all just, stops. If not on their terms, on the Earth’s.

But if you look closely.  Amongst the darkness, in the harshest of conditions, you might happen to be so lucky to find, a flower that grows out its petals that point to the sky.  The rarest flower begs not for attention or validation. This flower has almost given up on you. This flower simply wants to be left alone unless it is to be seen and listen to with safety and care. For it knows it stands out. Not by choice, simply because it is different, unusual, and rare.

If you are just so lucky to find this flower. Make sure you give it enough water and sunlight to grow. It might teach you some lessons, it may be too late for you to learn on your own.

Without writing much further, please also note I have intended this to be a statement of divine feminine energy (perceptive energy). Therefore, the man in this piece has been visually portrayed in a perceptive pose. I believe the act of sex is an energy exchange between forward-moving (masculine) and perceptive energy (feminine); regardless of who you are or what sex you are having. The creativity, sensitivity (or awareness) and intellect that is divine feminine energy has been greatly misunderstood and underestimated for far too long. This is something I wish to discuss in future pieces throughout my career.

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